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Over the years at Edge we've maintained a family-oriented company while building a world-class team with a we-can-do-anything mentality. With the partners and systems we have in place we still have plenty of potential to grow, so we're always looking for great people to join our mission to make our customers' and vendors' jobs easier. If you're great and you know it, clap your hands (because you've gotten this far). Then apply for one of the open positions below.

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Customer Experience Specialist

Based in Bohemia, NY

As our first Customer Experience Specialist you will be responsible for enhancing customer experience through sales & marketing support. You would work closely with sales and marketing to assist with daily tasks such as opportunity management, data entry, and content development. You would also be in close communication with customers, helping them with quotes and orders.

The position requires a great degree of flexibility, in order to fit changing needs. As a new role during a time a of growth for Edge, we expect the position to evolve and the candidate should be willing and eager to take on new responsibilities over time.

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Customer Experience Specialist

Corporate Headquarters

Edge Electronics, Inc.

Edge Electronics, Inc.
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Bohemia, NY 11716
Phone: 800.647.EDGE (3343)
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