As a Legacy Electronics distributor, we can provide you with their extensive line of memory products, which includes DRAM memory modules, Solid State Drives, and flash cards.

Legacy is headquartered in Sioux Falls, South Dakota, and all of their products are built there (yes, they are made in the USA). Their engineers are located there as well. This geographic advantage for US customers, leads to quick response time and a very high level of support. 

Legacy prides themselves on doing custom work that meets the exact needs of their customers. Yes, they have a standard line of products, but they go by the mantra of, "you dream it, we'll build it." And with their advanced technology, such as their patented memory stacking Canopy system, they can make some impressive custom memory modules.

Also, if you've designed or purchased memory before, you know the life cycles can be quick causing you to redesign sooner than you had hoped. Legacy is very conscious of this issue and on their own works to extend their products' production cycle, but will work with customers to match their specific needs.

Legacy is a premier parter of CMTL (computer memory testing labs), so you know you are getting quality, compatible product. 

Contact Edge today with your memory requirements, and we'll show you how we can help.

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Memory Upgrades

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