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As an authorized DV Signage distributor, Edge Electronics supplies DV Signage's full line of digital signage products including standard and custom digital sign solutions.

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About DV Signage

Digital View has long been active in the digital signage market - supplying some of the earliest retail media networks (for companies including UK National Lottery operator Camelot, Proctor&Gamble) and some of the most successful digital out-of-home advertising networks (including CBS Outdoor and Clear Channel). In 2006 Digital View split off its online media division to become what is now ComQi.

DV Signage was launched in North America in January 2011. Splitting our signage product portfolio away from our long standing display electronics and LCD component business and establishing a major focus on developing strong gobal sales channels. DV Signage Europe was launched in October 2011, with a new sales and support centre in Munich, Germany.

DV Signage provides a range of turnkey signage solutions - building from a product base that includes; Media Players, Digital Signage Displays, Content Management Software, High Performance Pro-A/V Displays & Custom Large Format Outdoor Signage. All the versatile media displays are built on robust Digital View electronics, include sizes from 10” to 70”, options for integrated media players & touch screens, flexible inputs (including HD-SDI), specific value-add signage technologies (such as the image validation technology ‘DisplayMark’) and a range of enclosure options for video-wall, indoor & outdoor usage.

“Digital View is recognized around the world as a leading signage player in the retail media, museum and digital out-of-home sectors,” comments Bob Michaels, President of DV-Signage Inc, “With over 150,000 installations in the field, DV Signage starts with a wealth of experience and case studies from all sides of the digital signage spectrum. We believe our many robust and competitive solutions offer significant differentiation and a critical competitive edge for digital signage resellers and integrators.”


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