KOE Americas

As a KOE Americas distributor we supply their full line of LCDs. KOE's display line-up consists of industrial grade, long life, flat panel display products, encompassing standard TFT-LCD modules, panel specific LCD controllers, and custom products.

KOE's products were formerly Hitachi Display Products, and what used to be Hitachi Electronic Displays is now KOE Americas.

Their LCD products range in size, resolution, "ruggedness" and more. Edge can help you find the appropriate display for your project, along with all the necessary components.

Click here to view KOE's 2013 LCD Guide

LCDs, TFT, Mobile Sizes (2.7"-5")

3.5" TFT LCD

QVGA Resolution

4.3" wide TFT LCD

WQVGA Resolution


VGA Resolution

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LCDs, TFT, Industrial Sizes (5.5"-15.3")

5.7" TFT LCD

QVGA Resolution

VGA Resolution

6.2" TFT LCD

HVGA Resolution

6.5" TFT LCD

VGA Resolution

7" wide TFT LCD

WVGA Resolution

8" wide TFT LCD

WVGA Resolution

9" wide TFT LCD

WVGA Resolution

10.4" TFT LCD

VGA Resolution

SVGA Resolution

12.1" TFT LCD

SVGA Resolution

12.3" TFT LCD

1/2 HD


XGA Resolution

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