On-Shore Technology (OST)

As an On-Shore Technology (OST) distributor, we supply OST's full line of interconnect and terminal block products.

On-Shore Technology Profile

On-Shore Technology, Inc. (OST) founded in 1988, headquarters in Tempe, Arizona, is a leading international supplier of interconnect products to the computer, automotive and telecommunications industries.

OST offers customers a variety of over six thousand products. The most popular of these include miniature terminal blocks, sockets, custom cables, PGA's and other interconnect products.

Our technological expertise and emphasis on service has enabled OST to provide quality products to some of the largest and most demanding companies in the world.


Terminal Blocks


One Piece




Cable Socket - Flat Ribbon

Card Edge

Circular Din


Din 41612

Friction Lock


Latch Header

Machined Dip Socket

Machined Female Header

Phone Jack

Pin Header

Plastic Chip Carrier

Shrouded Box Header

Stamped Dip Socket

Stamped In-Line Socket Strip

USB Connector

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