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About KYOCERA Display

KYOCERA Display, previously known as Optrex, was formed in 1976. Headquartered in Tokyo, Japan, KYOCERA Display has followed an aggressive policy of growth and expansion and now serves customers through an extensive in-field network of applications engineers and more than 100 sales and distribution offices throughout the world, including KYOCERA Display America Inc. in Plymouth, MI, USA and KYOCERA Display Europe in Babenhausen, Germany.

As a leading designer and manufacturer of flat panel displays, KYOCERA Display provides several strengths of interest to OEM's including: a 30 year track record, broad product and technology offering, a clear focus on small to medium displays, commitment to key markets, as well as a truly global manufacturing and support infrastructure

As a Kyocera Display distributor and LCD solution provider, we supply Kyocera Display's full line of LCD displays including active TFT LCDs, passive displays, and OLEDs.

Kyocera Display LCDs are developed to be suitable for Industrial, Consumer, Telecom, Handheld and Automotive applications. They fully cover small to medium display sizes, from 1.5" to 17.5" and offer such features as anti-reflective coating, high-luminance, wide format LCDs, built-in controllers, long life backlights, and long term product commitments.

As your Kyocera Display distributor, Edge can help you choose the appropriate LCD display for your project and supply you with compatible accesories or enhancements such as a controller board or inverter.

LCDs, TFT, Ultra-Mobile (1.5"-2.4")

1.5" TFT LCD

176x132 Resolution

1.9" TFT LCD

176x220 Resolution

2.2" TFT LCD

176 X 220 Resolution

QVGA Resolution

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LCDs, TFT, Mobile Sizes (2.7"-5")

3" wide TFT LCD

WQVGA Resolution

3.5" TFT LCD

QVGA Resolution

4.3" wide TFT LCD

WQVGA Resolution

5" wide TFT LCD

WQVGA Resolution

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LCDs, TFT, Industrial Sizes (5.5"-15.3")

5.7" TFT LCD

QVGA Resolution

VGA Resolution

6.5" TFT LCD

VGA Resolution

8.4" TFT LCD

VGA Resolution

SVGA Resolution

XGA Resolution

9" wide TFT LCD

WVGA Resolution

10.4" TFT LCD

VGA Resolution

SVGA Resolution

XGA Resolution

12.1" TFT LCD

SVGA Resolution

XGA Resolution

12.1" wide TFT LCD

WXGA Resolution

14.1" wide TFT LCD

WXGA Resolution


XGA Resolution

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LCDs, TFT, Monitor Sizes (17.5"-22.5")

17.5" wide TFT LCD

WXGA Resolution

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LCDs - Passive

Monochrome Character LCDs

16 x 1

16 x 2

20 x 2

20 x 4

40 x 2

40 x 4

Monochrome Graphic LCDs (STN)

120 x 32

128 x 32

128 x 64

138 x 110

160 x 128

240 x 64

240 x 128

320 x 240

640 x 200

640 x 480

Color Graphic LCDs (CSTN)

3.8" (320 x 240)

5.7" (320 x 240)

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