PFU Systems

As a PFU Systems distributor, we supply PFU's full line of SOM (system on module) and COM (computer on module) products.

Reduced Time-To-Revenue

PFU Systems has integrated complete embedded x86 host functionality into ultra-compact, fully tested, macro-component modules, providing standardized electrical and mechanical module-to-board interfaces. COM technology provides OEMs a way to build custom-embedded computing systems in just weeks instead of months. This can save up to $250K in initial NREs and drastically reduces development risks in bringing new products to market. PFU Systems' low - power, high-performance and extended-life module components, assure optimal price/performance for applications requiring high-reliability embedded-computer systems.

With PFU Systems COM technology, OEMs are no longer bound by inherent cost vs. functionality trade offs when buying single-board computers. OEMs need not design and build embedded x86 host functionality from scratch. Instead, OEMs may achieve the best of both worlds - taking a "buy and build" approach that optimizes form, fit, function, and price to exactly meet product requirements while maintaining scalable flexibility across an entire product line. As such, OEMs may remain focused on brand and product differentiators while reducing time-to-revenue, a vital aspect in today's competitive marketplace.

Single Board Computers (SBCs)

SBC Form Factor

COM Express

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