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As a Sigma Designs distributor Edge is authorized to supply and support Sigma Designs's full line of Z-Wave components for use in home automation products. 

Sigma Designs manufactures Z-Wave components that are meant for use in both Z-Wave gateway products (such as set top boxes, TVs, and cloud or portal systems) and Z-Wave end devices (such as lighting control, door locks, thermostats, sensors, remote controls and smart meters).

The Z-Wave ecosystem makes it extremely simple for you to design your device in a way that it will immediately interact with thousands of other Z-wave products, giving you a built-in market.

For more information on Z-Wave products, or to get set up with a DevKit, please get in touch.

Read more about the Z-Wave 500 Series Dev Kit


For Home Automation Gateways

Z-Wave Serial Interface SoC

Z-Wave Serial Interface Module with Antenna

For Home Automation End Devices

General Purpose Z-Wave SiP Module

General Purpose Z-Wave Module

General Purpose Z-Wave SoC

Z-Wave DevKits

Z-Wave Base Kit

Z-Wave Regional Kit

Z-Wave SDK

Z-Wave Reference Designs

Z-Wave to Z/IP Gateway Reference Design

Z/IP Gateway Reference Design

USB Z-Wave Controller Reference Design

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