As  a Stetron distributor, we supply Stetron's full line of Audio products including transducers, piezo benders and speakers.

Stetron Profile:

Established in 1965, Stetron pioneered the concept of delivering "value" by utilizing Asian based manufacturing complimented by North American product engineering. The result – technically advanced products at truly competitive prices. This formula enables Stetron to provide customized audio solutions at standard product price points.

Product and Price are two tangibles. However, Stetron's tremendous growth and continued success is also attributable to our priority to satisfy every customer, every time, through outstanding personalized service. We are dedicated to the customer's experience and are continually evaluating how to improve it. Our engineers and technical sales staff constantly strive to improve the quality and effectiveness of our products and services, to be "customer centric".

Audio Products




Piezo Benders



13 to 30mm

30 to 77mm

78 to 200mm

Rectangular & Oval

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