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LCD Quick Kits - 2014

May 29, 2014

Here's a list of our newest LCD Quick kits for 2014. 

The following kits are generally in stock and available for immediate delivery. 

Each kit includes the specified LCD and all the components needed to drive it, and to evaluate & design the display into your new project quickly and easily.

LCD Quick Start Kit Contents:


Quick Kit Part Number LCD Part Number LCD MFR SIZE LCD Resolution LCD Notes Controller Board
EDQK65X01C NL10276BC13-01C NLT 6.5" XGA T-EVT ALR-1400
EDQK65X01 NL10276BC13-01 NLT 6.5" XGA   ALR-1400
EDQK07FHDEAA TX18D200VM0EAA KOE 7.0" FHD IPS, LED Driver included ALR-1920
EDQK07WV02 NL8048BC19-02 NLT 7.0" WVGA   ALR-1400
EDQK07WV02C NL8048BC19-02C NLT 7.0" WVGA EVT ALR-1400
EDQK084S11F NL8060BC21-11F NLT 8.4" SVGA High Bright ALR-1400
EDQK104X18 NL10276BC20-18 NLT 10.4" XGA   ALR-1400
EDQK104X18F NL10276BC20-18F NLT 10.4" XGA High Bright ALR-1400
EDQK106WX03 NL12876AC18-03 NLT 10.4" WXGA LED Driver included ALR-1920
EDQK121X21F NL10276BC24-21F NLT 12.1" XGA High Bright ALR-1400
EDQK150X34D NL10276BC30-34D NLT 15.0" XGA   ALR-1400
EDQK150X42C NL10276AC30-42C NLT 15.0" XGA EVT ALR-1400
EDQK150X39 NL10276BC30-39 NLT 15.0" XGA SFT ALR-1400
EDQK153WX32D NL12876BC26-32D NLT 15.3" WXGA SFT ALR-1400
EDQK156FWX01D NL13676AC25-01D NLT 15.6" FWXGA   ALR-1920
EDQK190SX17 NL128102AC29-17 NLT 19.0" SXGA SFT, LED Driver included ALR-1920

Individual pages with more information on each LCD kit will be provided soon. In the meantime please contact us for more information.

Older LCD Quick Start Kits can be found here.


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