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LCD Quick Start Kits

August 5, 2013

Designing a display into your new product? In order to get displays up and running quickly in our customers' projects, we've assembled some LCD Quick Start kits that we will be keeping in stock for immediate shipping/availability. Of course, we can develop a kit with any display you are interested in, but there might be a lead time associated.

The following LCD Quick Start kits are usually in stock and available to order immediately:

EDQKN065XG1CPF101 (NL10276BC13-01C - 6.5” XGA - Sunlight Viewable, LED Backlit)


EDQKN084SV03PF101 (NL8060BC21-03 – 8.4” SVGA - Wide Operating Temp, Sunlight Viewable)


EDQKN084SV06PF101 (NL8060BC21-06 – 8.4” SVGA - Wide Operating Temp)


EDQKN104XG18PF101 (NL10276BC20-18 – 10.4” XGA - Narrow Bezel, LED Backlit)


EDQKN150XG3DPF101 (NL10276BC30-33D – 15” XGA - Very cost-effective, PSWG Compliant)


Update as of 5/17/12 - The panels in the following kits have reached the end of their long life cycle. We do not recommend them for new designs. If you intended on using one of these displays, work with us and we will help you to find an better alternative.

EDQKN104XG08PF101 (NL10276BC20-08 - 10.4” XGA - Extreme Wide Viewing Angle)

EDQKN121XG3CPF101 (NL10276BC24-13C – 12.1” XGA - Wide Operating Temp, Sunlight Viewable)

EDQKN150XG8CHR101 (NL10276BC30-18C – 15” XGA - High-end 15” Kit, Sunlight Viewable)

EDQKN084XG01PF301 (NL10276BC16-01 – 8.4” XGA - Extreme Wide Viewing Angle)


Keep in mind, we can develop a kit for any display we offer.

Get in touch with us and we will help you to get your new display project up and running quickly and efficiently.


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