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SGX-1920 LCD Controller Board from Digital View, 10-bit, Fully Buffered, Multi-Sync, High-End Interface Controller for Professional Display Products

SGX-1920 LCD Controller Board from Digital View

May 13, 2011

Morgan Hill, CA, May 16, 2011 - Digital View's new SGX-1920 LCD controller extends multiple digital input capabilities for the integrator of “Professional-Class” LCD displays. The SGX-1920 offers on-board Dual HDMI, Dual DVI-I, Analog RGB, and video inputs for integration with 5.8” – 82” LCD Panels up to WUXGA resolution.

The SGX-1920 is a flexible 8- or 10-bit controller with installed support for over 1,000 LCD panels manufactured by Samsung, Sharp, LG, NEC, Optrex, Chi Mei & AUO.   All settings for panel resolution, timing and voltage can be selected in the field through DIP switches and jumper blocks using the installed firmware.   Custom Start-Up Screen graphics, gamma curves, EDID tables and display profiles are available.

Offering multiple input configurations, the SGX-1920 accepts input from Dual HDMI 1.3 ports, Dual single-link DVI-I ports, VGA, Composite (NTSC/PAL/SECAM) and Component (YCbCr/YPbPr) inputs up to WUXGA (PC) or 480i to 1080p (Video).   In addition to the dual channel LVDS panel output, the SGX-1920 also outputs digital audio (SPDIF) from HDMI and DVI signals with embedded audio.

“The SGX-1920 takes input flexibility to a whole new level” notes Steve Simons, Channel Manager for Display Electronics at Digital View.   “Integrators expect that the Digital View controller will support legacy video signals as capably as the current standard inputs.  This platform has been designed to provide display integrators a single board solution for customers that require switching between multiple video inputs on a single LCD panel.   In addition to fast port switching, all critical image adjustment can be made on the fly through any of four – Ethernet, RS-232, Digital OSD button board, or Infrared Remote Control – interfaces.” 

The SGX-1920 offers an onboard power supply for operation with 12 or 24 volt DC input, and provides panel power for 3.3V, 5V, 12V or 18V LCD displays.  The On Screen Display provides an enhanced user interface for audio and video adjustments, and can controlled via digital button boards, surface mount membrane switches, RS-232 commands or infrared remote control.

"This controller is all about expansion and power" explains Steve Simons. “The SGX-1920 is an off-the-shelf controller, yet it permits the integrator to build a display with up to eight HD-SDI inputs or four 3G-SDI inputs, with concurrent VGA, composite and component video inputs".

Since 1995, all Digital View LCD controllers have been designed for the challenging defense, industrial, marine and digital signage environments.   The SGX-1920 has an MTBF rating in excess of 100,000 hours and is covered by a 3-year limited manufacturer’s warranty.   Digital View also offers a wide range of LVDS panel cables, backlight cables, remote display monitoring solutions, and related accessories.


To quote, purchase, or for more info regarding the SGX-1920 or other LCD controller boards from Digital View, please contact Edge Electronics, your Digital View distributor.


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