Single Board Computers (SBCs)

As a single board computer distributor, we supply a wide range of SBCs in different form factors and options.  Whether your application calls for small form factor, the latest Intel or AMD processor, ease of scalability, or extreme ruggedness, we can provide the embedded solution.

To determine the SBC that best suits your project, please contact one of our representatives or our FAE.

SBC Form Factor

Product Type


5.25 Inch / EBX / Compact board Aaeon | Avalue
3.5 Inch / Subcompact board Aaeon | Acrosser | Avalue
PC/104 Aaeon | Acrosser | Adlink | Avalue
EPIC Aaeon | Avalue
Mini-ITX Aaeon | Avalue
COM Express Aaeon | Adlink | PFU Systems
ETX / XTX Aaeon
ATX Avalue
Micro ATX Avalue
Nano-ITX Avalue
ETX Adlink
SMARC Adlink
Qseven Adlink

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