Z-Wave 500 Series Dev Kit

Getting Started with Z-Wave Dev Kits

Z-Wave Base Kit Hardware

Z-Wave Regional Kit Hardware

As an authorized Z-Wave distributor we are here to help you start designing Z-Wave components into your end product. The first step is to buy a Development Kit. Dev Kits come with everything you need including hardware and software.

What's Included?

In addition to the content of the kits, all licensees of the Z-Wave development kit are entitled to free online support and invited to attend any of the many free Z-Wave technical training events held around the globe.


System Requirements

Key Benefits

Key Features

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Z-Wave Dev Kits have 3 Parts

Z-Wave Dev Kit Parts

Part 1- Z-Wave Base Kit (PN: RBK-ZBAKI5-A)


All developers use the same Base Kit

The Z-Wave Base Developer’s Kit consists of development platform boards, power supply units, cables, etc., that are used to program Z-Wave modules with a Z-Wave application.


Z-Wave Base Kit Hardware

Part 2- Z-Wave Regional Kit


You must choose from 3 regional frequencies




The Regional Developer’s Kit consists of Z-Wave reference design modules that are RF matched for specific regions, and contains samples for prototype development.


Z-Wave Regional Kit Hardware


Part 3 - Z-Wave SDK (Software Developer Kit)


Available for download

The Z-Wave SDK is available through the download center; access to the download center is included with the Z-Wave Developer’s Kit. From the download center, the developer can access all relevant technical documentation, developer’s FAQ, known issues database, etc.


Next Steps

First Time Developers

First time developers will need to order a Base Kit and select the appropriate region kit for developing Next Gen 500 series products.

You will need to sign the following agreements in order to receive any Data Sheets, or to purchase this kit:


Existing customers who are upgrading to the Next Gen 500 series can use your existing base kit and simply order a new region kit.


Email: edge@edgeelectronics.com or fill out our web form.

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