4k LCD Controller Boards

Super High Resolution 4k LCD Controller Boards

We're all familiar with 4k resolutions, as they originally started out in consumer products such as TVs and computers. They are now being found in industrial products like medical devices more often.

4k LCD Controller Boards are easy-to-use solutions that are super high resolution and specially designed for the enhancement of your display application. These controller boards are compatible with most display solutions, including OLEDs and touch screens, and give users the ability to customize their application to their desire.

Our partner, Digital View, is our primary supplier of LCD controller boards.

Features & Benefits:

  • Multi-panel compatibility
  • Most sizes of LCDs supported
  • Most video signal formats supported
  • Customization options and custom designs available
  • Harsh environment versions available

Featured 4k LCD Controller Boards:

DT-4096 Digital View DT-4096 Controller Board Ideal for entry-level digital signage and industrial video display applications.
SVX-4096 Digital View SVX-4096 Controller Board Supports both LCD and OLED commercial monitors and displays.
SVX-4096-120 Digital View SVX-4096 Controller Board Ideal for 120Hz panels and supports commercial displays with LCD or OLED panels.
SP-4096 Digital View SP-4096 Controller Board Easy-to-use and features a full HD media player.
HX-4096 Digital View HX-4096 Controller Board The harsh environment version of the SVX-4096 and supports both LCD and OLED panels.
HSP-4096 Digital View HSP-4096 Controller Board The harsh environment version of the SP-4096 and features an integrated MP4 media player.

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