Edge is an authorized distributor for several types of memory modules (DIMMs or memory sticks) from top manufacturers including: Micron, Crucial, Legacy, Everspin, and Giantec. We provide the widest range of memory modules in the industry - from memory sticks and cards to DIMMS and chips, Edge provides you with the best memory applications and technology to support your memory module needs.

Edge Electronics supplies a wide variety of DRAM memory from top manufacturers. From legacy SDRAM and DDR through DDR3 DRAM, we have the full spectrum covered. We supply industrial temp DRAM, mobile DRAM, high-performance DRAM, "trailing edge" (legacy) DRAM, and long lifetime products. In addition to those, we can provide industrial temp DRAM, mobile DRAM, high-performance DRAM and more (also available it cut die or wafer form).

If you are looking for memory modules (aka DIMMs or memory sticks), please visit our designated DRAM Memory Modules Page.

For Revolutionary MRAM, we supply several options by Everspin.

Being an authorized distributor, we can provide samples, data sheets, quotes, and support for many of our manufacturers’ products. Feel free to contact us with questions or if you need samples or assistance in picking out the proper memory module for your design.