Industries Served

We serve customers across all industries. Edge is a certified Women's Business Enterprise (WBE), making us a perfect partner for companies in industries that focus on supplier diversity programs. Below are some of our industry specialties.

Medical Medical

Medical Electronics manufacturers need highly reliable products that are going to be available for years to come. Our industrial LCDs, peripherals, and customization capabilities fit these requirements perfectly, and so are often featured in Medical electronic products. We also supply highly complex and reliable cable assemblies that are 100% made in the US.

Edge Electronics can supply a wide variety of display products Telecom

The telecom industry is big for Edge. We supply memory of all types from the leading manufacturers committed to innovation and support of their telecom customers. High speed, high capacity and high reliability are a must and Edge has it all covered. Of course we have the micros, capacitors, LEDs, industrial grade crystals, and more to complement our memory offering. One more thing ? we know the Telecom industry is big on supplier diversity programs, so don?t forget Edge is classified as a woman-owned small business.

Edge Electronics can supply a wide variety of display products Industrial

Industrial electronic machinery often needs to be ruggedized and highly accurate. Whether it?s for factory automation or for mobile products out in the field, we have tough components that meet and exceed these requirements. From heavy duty, highly specific cable assemblies and wire harnesses, to ruggedized LCDs with touch screens, or specialized tapes and adhesives, we have quite a few products that would fit perfectly inside the best industrial electronic machinery.

Automotive and Transportation Automotive and Transportation

The automotive industry presents a set of challenges for electronics including being able to withstand high levels of motion and heat, and long lifetime requirements. Well, we supply DRAM, relays, capacitors and more components specifically engineered for the automotive industry. Our LCDs are also a great fit in vehicles or on subway platforms as well. Remember we are classified as a woman-owned small business and the automotive industry has numerous supplier diversity programs honoring tier 1 and tier 2 suppliers.

Edge Electronics can supply a wide variety of display products Military and Aerospace

Our LCD solutions program really shines in the Military Electronics industry. We supply the highest quality LCD panels with many different options including high-brighting, sunlight readability, NVIS, low EMI and much more. We also provide American made cable assemblies that meet multiple military specifications, and components that help meet the low power demands of mobile devices. Keep in mind, the government likes the fact that we are classified as a woman-owned small business.

Security Security

Some of our best customers are our in the security industry, as they take advantage of our full breadth of products. Memory, LEDs, Capacitors, microcontrollers, terminal blocks, crystals & oscillators, and relays are just a few on the component side. We also have the surveillance end covered with our high quality industrial LCDs, and custom enhancements for ruggedization and readability.