LCD Enhancements

As an LCD enhancement provider, Edge Electronics can provide you with value far beyond that of a standard LCD distributor. Yes, we have a wide variety of industrial grade displays to choose from, but many of our customers are looking for that extra something to make their product special. Whether you are looking for high-brighting, CCFO to LED backlight conversions, film enhancements, custom enclosures, chemical bonding, custom gaskets, or most other LCD enhancements, Edge can help.

Display Controller Inverter LCD Solution

Custom Display Enhancements:

  • High-Brighting
  • Chemical Bonding
  • CCFL to LED Backlight Conversion
  • EMI Shielding
  • Film Enhancements
  • Custom Display Enclosures
  • Privacy Screens
  • Gaskets
  • Night Vision (NVIS)

For quick, ready-made LCD solutions and complete kits, see the list below, and check out our LCD Quick Kits Page and our Complete LCD Kit Solutions Page. For everything else or questions about our LCD enhancement capabilities, please contact us.

Custom LCD Solutions:

  • LCD Quick Kits
  • LCD w/ Touch Screen: Putting your touch screen on yourself? No problem, we'll help you find a suitable touch screen and supply you with both the LCD and Touch Screen under one kit number.
  • LCD w/ Controller Board: We can help you pick out the right controller board for your LCD, and supply them both under one part #. We can also include LVDS and/or custom cables.
  • LCD w/ Cables: All LCDs use cables, but each application's needs are different. We can work with you to provide the perfect cables right along with your LCD. We provide LVDS cables, custom cables, highly engineered custom cables and more from our trusted manufacturers and partners.
  • LCD w/ Custom Integrated Touch Screen
  • LCD inside Enclosure

Touch Screens

  • Custom Touch Screen to LCD Integration

LCD Cables

  • LCD Panel Interface Cables
  • Flat Flex Cables
  • Other Custom LCD Cables

LCD Backlighting Solutions

  • Custom LED Backlight Enhancement