MRAM Is A Highly Reliable, High-Performance, Non-Volatile RAM

Everspin MRAM is a revolutionary memory that uses the magnetism of electron spin to provide non-volatility without wear out. Everspin MRAM stores information in magnetic material integrated with silicon circuitry to deliver the speed of SRAM with the non-volatility of Flash in a single unlimited-endurance device. Everspin MRAM devices are designed to combine the best features of non-volatile memory and RAM to enable instant-on capability and power loss protection for an increasing number of electronic systems.

We can supply multiple types of 8-bit MRAM and 16-bit MRAM, as well as serial SPI MRAM, and more.

MRAM Advantages:

  • Nomvolatile: Data retention of 20 years or greater
  • Fast: Symmetrical read/write - 35ns
  • Unlimited Endurance No wear out mechanism
  • Modular Integration: Easily integrated with CMOS
  • Extended Temparatures: -40C to +150C operation demonstrated
  • Highly Reliable: Intrinsic reliability exceeds 20-year lifetime at 125C