Fingerprint Sensors

As an authorized Fingerprint Cards (FPC) distributor, we supply a broad range of biometric products from Fingerprints including swipe and area sensors, fingerprint sensor processors, biometric modules, and development kits.

Fingerprints’ biometrics technology is convenient, state-of-the-art security identification - used in popular products like smart cards and mobile devices – that can analyze and match a unique fingerprint to verify an individual’s identity. This technology also proves useful in applications like IT, internet security, and access control situations. Most of the products using fingerprint technology are subject to constant wear and tear, attesting to the quality and durability of FPC’s technology.

Because this technology can be used in so many applications, we do our best to keep the most popular sensors and development kits in stock.

The components produced by Fingerprints feature enhanced image quality, extreme durability, lower overall power consumption, and complete biometric systems. Visit to learn more about our distributor.