Applied Concepts, Inc

As an Applied Concepts (ACI) distributor, we supply Applied Concepts' full line of LCD backlight solutions, including CCFL inverters and LED drivers. Their products are a perfect complement to many of our industrial displays and come with full support from both Edge and ACI.

ACI is also one of our backlight enhancement partners. If you need your display to be sunlight readable or shine in other bright situations, we can modify (high-bright) the LCD to increase the brightness. Low-bright modifications for night vision (NVIS) applications are available as well.

About Applied Concepts, Inc.

Applied Concepts is located in Tully, NY, about 25 miles south of Syracuse. Applied Concepts was formed in 1998 to supply DC-AC inverters for CCFLs which backlight LCDs. Our initial focus was on highly specialized applications in military, avionics, and industrial markets. We have since further enhanced our business offerings to include sunlight readable LED displays and plug and play LED drivers for OEM factory LED displays.

Applied Concepts' engineering team combines common-sense design techniques with practical component selection to create CCFL inverter and LED design solutions that are workable and cost-effective for your own manufacturing needs.

Applied Concepts is proud to be a ISO 9001:2008 certified supplier/manufacturer. This certification ensures that we have a reliable and systematic quality management system to facilitate the production of the highest quality, most reliable product possible.

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