Finisar Corporation

Finisar is a global technology leader in optical communications components and subsystems.

As an authorized Finisar reseller, Edge can supply any product belonging to one of Finisar’s broad range of product categories including Optical Transceivers, Active Optical Cables, Optical Engines, Communication Components, Sensing Components, Wavelength Mgmt/ROADMs/Amps, Diffraction Gratings, Optical Instrumentation, and more.

Major Product Offerings:

  • Optical Transceivers (QSFP+, CFP, SFP+)
  • Active Optical Cables (SFPwire, Quadwire, C.wire)
  • Optical Engines (BOA)
  • Communication Components (Photodetectors, receivers)
  • Sensing Components (VCSELs, DOEs)
  • Wavelength Management, ROADMs, WSS & Amplifiers (WSS, OCM, Optical Amplfiers, & Passives)
  • Diffraction Gratings
  • Optical Instrumentation (WaveShaper & WaveAnalyzer)

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About Finisar

For over 30 years, Finisar has been an industry leader in manufacturing and delivering innovative optical communication technology to networking equipment manufacturers, telecom service providers, data center operators, consumer electronics, and automotive companies worldwide.

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