As a KOE distributor, we supply their full line of LCDs. KOE's display line-up consists of industrial grade, long life, flat panel display products, encompassing standard TFT-LCD modules, panel specific LCD controllers, and other custom products.

KOE Product Brochure

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LCD Technologies from KOE

  • LTPS Technology
  • Pixel Eyes
  • Rugged+
  • IPS (In Plane Switching)

TFT Displays

KOE TFT Displays

TFT LCD displays are available in many different sizes, from 3.5" to 15". KOE offers a wide variety of TFT displays:

Outdoor Readable TFT Displays have the ability to maintain a high quality display image even in direct sunlight. These displays are commonly found in bright light or outdoor environments, and used in applications such as POS terminals and kiosks.

Higher Definition TFT Displays have high-quality image detail such as color gamuts and color reproduction. These displays also have a high contrast ratio and brightness. Higher definition TFT displays are commonly found in consumer products such as computer monitors and smartphones.

Rugged+ TFT Displays are designed specifically to function in harsh environmental conditions. KOE's lineup of Rugged+ displays feature high brightness, long-life LED backlights, and ensure reliable operation even in extreme temperatures. These displays can be found in industrial, medical, marine, automotive, and aerospace applications.

Wide Format TFT Displays were enabled by traditional TFT technology and the migration of IPS technology to industrial and commercial displays. These displays are ideally suited for human machine interface applications, such as front panel instrument consoles and control system designs and applications.

Standard Format TFT Displays provide inherent quality and exceptional optical performance. These displays can be used in a wide variety of applications, such as navigation systems, home automation, process control, security systems, and media players.

Standard Industrial STN Products

KOE's line of STN LCD Displays provide simple, easy to use, and cost-effective display solutions for your application. These displays feature a simple GUI for instrumentation, process control, and security systems. Some of these displays feature integrated display controllers and memory, which allow for microcontrollers to be used in order to enable the design of cost-effective user interfaces and systems.

LCD Controllers

KOE offers a number of LCD controllers to drive your application.

About KOE

KOE's products were formerly Hitachi Display Products, and what used to be Hitachi Electronic Displays is now KOE Americas.

Their LCD products range in size, resolution, "ruggedness" and more. Edge can help you find the appropriate display for your project, along with all the necessary components.

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