Kyocera Display

As your Kyocera Display distributor and solution provider, Edge can help you choose the appropriate LCD display for your project and supply you with compatible accessories or enhancements such as a controller board or inverter. We supply Kyocera Display's full line of LCD displays including active TFT LCDs, passive displays, and OLEDs.

About Kyocera Display

Kyocera is a leading manufacturer of LCD products, focused on total solutions for the industrial and automotive markets. Kyocera offers high performance TFT display products, applied LTPS TFT array technology, and high performance passive displays.

Kyocera Display products feature superior optical performance, such as high transmittance, high contrast, high brightness, and high reliability in both standard TFT-LCDs and full custom products.

Our strong engineering team provides technical support and guidance from initial design to the production phase of product development. We offer various technical solutions to customers, including toolkits, touch screen solutions, optical bonding, and assembly services, which distinguish the company as a preferred and reliable display solution supplier.

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