World Products, Inc. (WPI)

As a World Products distributor, we supply WPI's full line of products including, over voltage protection devices, EMI/RFI products, relays, and opto-isolation devices.

About World Products Inc. (WPI)

World Products Inc. (WPI) offers real solutions to manufacturing and supply line issues with an electronic component product offering that is synergistic and focused on the major markets it serves, including automotive, telecom, industrial, power supply, surge suppression, consumer, and wireless. This enables WPI to provide more products and product lines, eliminating the need for multiple suppliers.

WPI adds additional value in today’s competitive markets with its award-winning customer service and technical support, providing customers with environmentally and technologically advanced products while delivering the highest quality at competitive prices. It further extends this value by providing fully equipped on-site laboratory facilities, supplying customers with the support and data they need and enabling them to select the proper components for each application. This, plus a world-wide distribution network, help our customers successfully compete in a global market.

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