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BM-Lite Development Kit BM Lite Mod, Flex Cable FPC5832, FPC5924 adapter

Manufacturer: FingerPrint Cards AB

BM-Lite Development Kit Includes:

1. BM-Lite module
2. FPC5924 adapter board
3. FPC5832 FTDI USB adapter
4. BM-Lite adapter flex cable

The Fingerprints' Biometric Module FPC BM-Lite is a complete biometric fingerprint solution, ready to be used out of the box. The FPC BM-Lite brings together superior biometric performance and a high standard of quality components to offer an all-around embedded solution for increased security and enhanced user experience. This compact yet robust sensor is also waterproof, making it suitable for demanding industrial conditions and all-weather applications. The FPC BM-Lite is an ideal option for applications such as access control systems, time and attendance, locks, safes, USB tokens, POS terminals, and more.

Features & Benefits:

- Capacitive sensor type
- 0.4 seconds of verification time
- 3.3V supply voltage
- Resistant to liquids and substances
- Easy to integrate
- Low current consumption, perfect for battery powered applications
- Unique end-user features for an excellent everyday use

Watch Fingerprints' Video About The BM-Lite:

Download the BM-Lite Biometric Module Product Sheet

View the Fingerprints Dispelling Biometric Myths and Legends Guide

BM-Lite Development Kit BM Lite Mod, Flex Cable FPC5832, FPC5924 adapter
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