Micron 2450 NVMe SSD

Micron 2450 NVMe SSD Form Factor Sizes

Micron 2450 SSD Form Factor Sizes

Introducing the Micron 2450 NVMe SSD. Optimized for next-generation mobile and agile computing, the Micron 2450 series of solid state drives delivers value and flexibility, making it versatile for anything from entry-level configurations to more demanding applications.

The Micron 2450 Series is available in 22mm x 80mm, 22mm x 42mm, and 22mm x 30mm M.2 form factors.

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Features & Benefits:

  • Offers a wide range of capacities from 256GB to 1024GB
  • Low power consumption (of less than 30mW during slumber)
  • Listed on the Intel Modern Standby Partner Portal Platform Component List and meets the open labs' SSD test requirements of Intel's Project Athena
  • Engineered for a "worry-free" battery life, making it easy to go unplugged whenever, wherever

2450 SSD With NVMe

MTFDKBA1T0TFK-1BC1AABYY M.2 (22mmx80mm) 1TB Non-SED TCG Pyrite
MTFDKBA256TFK-1BC1AABYY M.2 (22mmx80mm) 256GB Non-SED TCG Pyrite
MTFDKBA512TFK-1BC1AABYY M.2 (22mmx80mm) 512GB Non-SED TCG Pyrite
MTFDKBK1T0TFK-1BC1AABYY M.2 (22mmx30mm) 1TB Non-SED TCG Pyrite
MTFDKBK256TFK-1BC1AABYY M.2 (22mmx30mm) 256GB Non-SED TCG Pyrite
MTFDKBK512TFK-1BC1AABYY M.2 (22mmx30mm) 512GB Non-SED TCG Pyrite

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