Micron XTR SSD


Introducing the Micron XTR NVMe SSD - the cutting-edge solution engineered to provide exceptional durability for write-intensive workloads.

Specifically designed for cost-conscious data centers, this drive offers an affordable choice for read/write caching in tiered-storage setups as it delivers more usable capacity per drive and consumes lower active power that helps lower operating costs.

When combined with the Micron 6500 ION NVMe SSD, the XTR enables storage workloads to perform optimally and allows for affordable caching and capacity, making for better value compared to competing SSDs.

The Micron XTR is available in two capacities - 960GB and 1.92TB. Be sure to contact us to speak with our Micron FAE or a sales expert for personal assistance in selecting the best drive to meet your read/write requirements.

Download Micron XTR NVMe SSD Product Brief

Features & Benefits:

  • Delivers reliable caching for the most write-intensive workloads and has 10x more endurance than TLC SSDs
  • Accelerates storage workloads when paired with the Micron 6500 ION NVMe SSD
  • Meets current and evolving security needs with options for TAA-compliance and FIPS 140-2 L2

Not sure if the XTR is the right fit, or looking for a SATA SSD? Edge Electronics is an authorized distributor of storage solutions by Micron. Vist our Micron SSD Guide for an overview of all the currently available Micron SSD series.