Abracon Antenna Solutions for IoT Medical Devices

Oct 23, 2020

Abracon offers a broad array of antenna options for every wireless technology.

With the current state of the world combating the COVID-19 pandemic, solutions like these are more important than ever to support the healthcare industry quickly and efficiently. Critical medical devices like ventilators, patient and temperature monitors, wearables, surgical robotics, and clinical testing devices tend to require antennas that support WiFi/Bluetooth protocols.

Abracon offers several popular antenna solutions that fit these medical application requirements including:

Features & Benefits:

  • ACAG0301-2450-T (Supports: WiFi, Bluetooth, ISM)
  • ACAG0201-2450-T (Supports: WiFi, Bluetooth, BLE, ISM)
  • ACAR0301-SW2 (Supports: Bluetooth, ISM, dual-band 2.4/5.5 GHz WiFi)
  • ACAG0301-24505500-T (Supports: Bluetooth, ISM, 2.4/5.5 GHz WiFi)
  • ACAR3005-C2WB (Supports: LoRa (868, 915 MHz), NB-IoT (824, 960 MHz), 2.4 GHz WiFi, Bluetooth, ISM)
  • ACAG0301-15752450-T (Supports: GPS, WiFi, Bluetooth, ISM)

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