Mornsun's High Power Density R3 Series of DC/DC Converters

Aug 08, 2019

Mornsun's R3 series of DC/DC converters possess improved power density in addition to several performance advantages including:

Mornsun R3 Series Power Device
  • Ultra-wide input voltage range
  • Efficiency high up to 91%
  • Large load capacity
  • Low no-load power consumption
  • Low ripple noise
  • 1500VDC isolation voltage
  • Operating temperature range of -40C to +105C

There are 4 different power variations of the R3, a 10W, 15W, 20W, and 40W. Each of these power specs has a selection of package options including DIP24, 1*1, and 2*1 with 2:1 or 4:1 input voltage options.

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Mornsun R3 Specifications

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