Edge Electronics Introduces Sample Program Featuring Mornsun Power Supplies

Jul 09, 2019

We are proud to announce Edge Electronics' new paid sample program featuring Mornsun power solutions!


The paid sample program includes over 400 different parts and features several prominent Mornsun devices and product families. These product offerings include commonly used components from Mornsun's major product portfolios including AC/DC converters, DC/DC converters, transceiver modules, IGBT drivers, isolation amplifiers, EMC auxiliary filters and suppressors, and ICs.

Mornsun's high-performance AC/DC power supplies are being used more frequently in emerging applications and can meet the needs of the most demanding power applications - from commercial indoor environments to harsher industrial outdoor ones. They are compact, reliable, and meet the efficiency standards for many applications including the commercial, industrial, and military sectors.

Commercial and medical grade DC/DC converters and power supplies by Mornsun continue to uphold their high quality and cost-efficient reputation.

By providing customers with a large selection of sample parts we aim to find the right part quicker, fulfill the order ahead of schedule, and potentially speed up the product timeline.

Check out the Edge press release