It's Official! Micron Begins Mass Production of New High Performance 8Gb GDDR6 Memory Modules

Jun 29, 2018

Up until recently, the fastest high performance memory solution available through Micron was the GDDR5 series. We are excited to announce that the highly anticipated GDDR6 has now officially entered the high volume production stage!

The GDDR6 is a special type of DDDR SDRAM capable of meeting large bandwidth requirements. Because of this, it offers users in the artificial intelligence (AI), graphics processing units (GPUs), networking, and automotive markets the latest in advanced performance memory, coupled with lower power consumption. High-speed applications including gaming consoles, graphics cards, network routing and switching, autonomous driving, HPC acceleration, crypto mining cards, and application specific IC will benefit significantly from this powerful high performance graphics memory.

Features & Benefits:

  • High bandwidth: Quicker data packet processing and buffering with data rates up to 16Gb/s
  • Simplified board design: Simple PCB design with fewer layers improves time to market and accessibility
  • Design ease & usability: Similar parallel memory implementation to previous DDR devices

Compared to its previous generations of graphics-based DRAM, the GDDR6 series provides higher densities, double the bandwidth, and backwards compatibility thanks to its dual-channel architecture.

This chart compares the general capabilities of GDDR5 and GDDR6 memory.

GDDR5 vs. GDDR6 Comparison

Density 512Mb - 8Gb 8Gb - 32Gb
VDD, VDDQ 1.5V 1.35V
Low-voltage support 1.35V 1.25V
VPP n/a 1.8V
Package BGA-170 14mm x 12mm 0.8mm ball pitch BGA-180 14mm x 12mm 0.75mm ball pitch
Signaling POD15/POD135 POD135/POD125
Data rate ≤8 Gb/s ≤16 Gb/s
I/O width x32/x16 2-channel x16/x8
Access granularity 32B 2-channel 32B each or 1-channel 64B with PC mode
I/O count 61 62/74
ABI, DBI Yes Yes
CRC CRC-8 (BL8) 2X CRC8 (BL16); compressed 2X CRC-8 (BL8)
RDQS mode Yes (BLS) Yes (BL16)
ODT Yes Yes
VREFC External External/internal
VREFD External/internal Internal
Temperature sensor Yes Yes

View the Micron GDDR6 product flyer here.

Learn more, check out Micron's GDDR6 production press release here.

Micron GDDR6 FAQs

Edge Electronics is an authorized distributor of Micron memory solutions. If you have any questions about the latest on the GDDR6 or another memory series, please contact us. Work with one of our Field Application Engineers (FAEs) or sales experts to determine the best fit for your project.