Save Energy in Your Power System Design with Mornsun's Higher Integrated R3 Series of Fixed Input DC-DC Converters

Jul 12, 2018

The best power supply devices are the ones that exceed energy efficiency standards.

Mornsun R3 Series

These highly integrated converters by Mornsun are designed with high light-load efficiency, low no-load power consumption, and large load capacity to meet the needs of the most demanding power applications. Below, we highlighted some of the more specific details.

Features & Benefits:

  • 40% higher integration of internal components
  • Lower no-load power consumption
  • Higher light load efficiency
  • 20% higher than Mornsun R2 series
  • Carefully set controlled output voltage yielding less temperature rise
  • Full range of short circuit protection
  • Continuous recovery
  • Less than 5mA short circuit current
  • Better capacitive load
  • Meets C-C mode start up requirements

Edge offers a wide selection of single, dual output, isolated, and non-isolated DC-DC power modules by Mornsun.

Visit Mornsun's website to learn more and check out the R3 Series Selection Guide.

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