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As a Fingerprint Cards (FPC) distributor, we supply FPC's full range of biometric products, including fingerprint sensors, biometric processors (with included specialized algorithm) fingerprint sensor modules (the sensor integrated with the processor) and development kits.

About Fingerprint Cards

Fingerprint Cards AB (Fingerprint Cards) develops, produces and markets biometric technology, which, through analysis and matching of an individual’s unique fingerprint, verifies the person’s identity. The technology consists of biometric sensors, processors, algorithms and modules that can be used separately or combined. The competitive advantages offered by Fingerprint Cards’ technology include unique image quality, extreme robustness, low power consumption, and complete biometric systems. With these advantages and the ability to achieve extremely low manufacturing costs, the technology can be implemented in volume products, such as smart cards and mobile telephones, which impose extremely rigorous demands on these characteristics. Fingerprint Cards’ technology can also be used in such areas as IT, internet security, and access control. Fingerprint Cards AB (Fingerprint Cards) is listed on Nasdaq OMX Stockholm (FING B) and has its head office in Gothenburg, Sweden.

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Swipe Sensor Rev 2E 3.85 mm frame


Swipe Sensor Rev 2E 3.85 mm frame

The FPC1080A-2E by FingerPrint Cards AB is a compact, low cost version of the CMOS fingerprint sensor. The FPC1080A-2E swipe sensor is an ideal option for most standard authentication and touch control systems, especially those

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