Micron 7400 MAX

Micron 7400 SSDs
Micron 7400 SSDs

If you are looking for a high-performing solid state drive for your IT application, look no further than the Micron 7400 MAX.

The 7400 MAX is optimized for write-intensive applications and yields 3 drive writes per day (DWPD).

The Micron 7400 MAX series of solid state drives are available in two different form factors - M.2 and U.3, and is also available in a wide range of capacities, ranging from 400GB to 6400GB.

If you are looking for a Micron 7400 with 1 drive write per day (DWPD), check out the Micron 7400 PRO.

View Our 7400 MAX Part Catalog:

Part Number Form Factor Capacity Security Features
MTFDKBA400TFC-1AZ1ZABYY M.2 22 x 80mm 400GB Non-SED (VPD off)
MTFDKBA800TFC-1AZ1ZABYY M.2 22 x 80mm 800GB Non-SED (VPD off)
MTFDKCB1T6TFC-1AZ15ABYY U.3 (2.5-inch, 7mm) 1600GB SED Opal 2.01
MTFDKCB1T6TFC-1AZ1ZABYY U.3 (2.5-inch, 7mm) 1600GB Non-SED (VPD off)
MTFDKCB3T2TFC-1AZ1ZABYY U.3 (2.5-inch, 7mm) 3200GB Non-SED (VPD off)
MTFDKCB6T4TFC-1AZ1ZABYY U.3 (2.5-inch, 7mm) 6400GB Non-SED (VPD off)
MTFDKCB800TFC-1AZ15ABYY U.3 (2.5-inch, 7mm) 800GB SED Opal 2.01
MTFDKCB800TFC-1AZ1ZABYY U.3 (2.5-inch, 7mm) 800GB Non-SED (VPD off)
MTFDKCC1T6TFC-1AZ15ABYY U.3 (2.5-inch, 15mm) 1600GB SED Opal 2.01
MTFDKCC1T6TFC-1AZ4ZABYY U.3 (2.5-inch, 15mm) 1600GB Non-SED (VPD off)
MTFDKCC3T2TFC-1AZ15ABYY U.3 (2.5-inch, 15mm) 3200GB SED Opal 2.01
MTFDKCC3T2TFC-1AZ4ZABYY U.3 (2.5-inch, 15mm) 3200GB Non-SED (VPD off)
MTFDKCC6T4TFC-1AZ15ABYY U.3 (2.5-inch, 15mm) 6400GB SED Opal 2.01
MTFDKCC6T4TFC-1AZ4ZABYY U.3 (2.5-inch, 15mm) 6400GB Non-SED (VPD off)
MTFDKCC800TFC-1AZ15ABYY U.3 (2.5-inch, 15mm) 800GB SED Opal 2.01
MTFDKCC800TFC-1AZ4ZABYY U.3 (2.5-inch, 15mm) 800GB Non-SED (VPD off)

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