Micron 7400 PRO

Micron 7400 SSDs
Micron 7400 SSDs

Looking for a solid state drive to enhance your application? The Micron 7400 PRO delivers performance, flexibility, and security that will meet all of your application's requirements.

The 7400 PRO is optimized for read-intensive applications and yields 1 drive write per day (DWPD). These solid state drives are available in three different form factors - E1.S, M.2 and U.3, and a wide range of capacities ranging from 480GB to 7680GB.

If you are looking for a Micron 7400 with 3 drive writes per day (DWPD), check out the Micron 7400 MAX.

View Our 7400 PRO Part Catalog:

Part Number Form Factor Capacity Security Features
MTFDKBA480TDZ-1AZ15ABYY M.2 22 x 80mm 480GB SED Opal 2.01
MTFDKBA480TDZ-1AZ1ZABYY M.2 22 x 80mm 480GB Non-SED (VPD off)
MTFDKBA960TDZ-1AZ15ABYY M.2 22 x 80mm 960GB SED Opal 2.01
MTFDKBA960TDZ-1AZ1ZABYY M.2 22 x 80mm 960GB Non-SED (VPD off)
MTFDKBG1T9TDZ-1AZ15ABYY M.2 22 x 110mm 1920GB SED Opal 2.01
MTFDKBG1T9TDZ-1AZ1ZABYY M.2 22 x 110mm 1920GB Non-SED (VPD off)
MTFDKBG3T8TDZ-1AZ15ABYY M.2 22 x 110mm 3840GB SED Opal 2.01
MTFDKBG3T8TDZ-1AZ1ZABYY M.2 22 x 110mm 3840GB Non-SED (VPD off)
MTFDKBG960TDZ-1AZ15ABYY M.2 22 x 110mm 960GB SED Opal 2.01
MTFDKBZ1T9TDZ-1AZ15ABYY E1.S 5.9mm (bare board) 1920GB SED Opal 2.01
MTFDKBZ3T8TDZ-1AZ15ABYY E1.S 5.9mm (bare board) 3840GB SED Opal 2.01
MTFDKBZ960TDZ-1AZ15ABYY E1.S 5.9mm (bare board) 960GB SED Opal 2.01
MTFDKCB1T9TDZ-1AZ15ABYY U.3 (2.5-inch, 7mm) 1920GB SED Opal 2.01
MTFDKCB1T9TDZ-1AZ1ZABYY U.3 (2.5-inch, 7mm) 1920GB Non-SED (VPD off)
MTFDKCB1T9TDZ-1AZ4ZABYY U.3 (2.5-inch, 7mm) 1920GB Non-SED (VPD off)
MTFDKCB3T8TDZ-1AZ15ABYY U.3 (2.5-inch, 7mm) 3840GB SED Opal 2.01
MTFDKCB3T8TDZ-1AZ1ZABYY U.3 (2.5-inch, 7mm) 3840GB Non-SED (VPD off)
MTFDKCB3T8TDZ-1AZ4ZABYY U.3 (2.5-inch, 7mm) 3840GB Non-SED (VPD off)
MTFDKCB7T6TDZ-1AZ15ABYY U.3 (2.5-inch, 7mm) 7680GB SED Opal 2.01
MTFDKCB7T6TDZ-1AZ1ZABYY U.3 (2.5-inch, 7mm) 7680GB Non-SED (VPD off)
MTFDKCB7T6TDZ-1AZ4ZABYY U.3 (2.5-inch, 7mm) 7680GB Non-SED (VPD off)
MTFDKCB960TDZ-1AZ15ABYY U.3 (2.5-inch, 7mm) 960GB SED Opal 2.01
MTFDKCB960TDZ-1AZ1ZABYY U.3 (2.5-inch, 7mm) 1TB Non-SED (VPD off)
MTFDKCB960TDZ-1AZ4ZABYY U.3 (2.5-inch, 7mm) 960GB Non-SED (VPD off)
MTFDKCC1T9TDZ-1AZ15ABYY U.3 (2.5-inch, 15mm) 1.9TB SED Opal 2.01
MTFDKCC1T9TDZ-1AZ4ZABYY U.3 (2.5-inch, 15mm) 1920GB Non-SED (VPD off)
MTFDKCC3T8TDZ-1AZ15ABYY U.3 (2.5-inch, 15mm) 3840GB SED Opal 2.01
MTFDKCC3T8TDZ-1AZ4ZABYY U.3 (2.5-inch, 15mm) 3840GB Non-SED (VPD off)
MTFDKCC7T6TDZ-1AZ15ABYY U.3 (2.5-inch, 15mm) 7680GB SED Opal 2.01
MTFDKCC7T6TDZ-1AZ4ZABYY U.3 (2.5-inch, 15mm) 7680GB Non-SED (VPD off)
MTFDKCC960TDZ-1AZ15ABYY U.3 (2.5-inch, 15mm) 960GB SED Opal 2.01
MTFDKCC960TDZ-1AZ4ZABYY U.3 (2.5-inch, 15mm) 960GB Non-SED (VPD off)
MTFDKCE1T9TDZ-1AZ15ABYY E1.S 15mm (incl. enclosure) 1920GB SED Opal 2.01
MTFDKCE3T8TDZ-1AZ15ABYY E1.S 15mm (incl. enclosure) 3.8TB SED Opal 2.01
MTFDKCE960TDZ-1AZ15ABYY E1.S 15mm (incl. enclosure) 960GB SED Opal 2.01

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