Sigma Designs Announces Their Upcoming Z-Wave 700-Series Chipset

Jan 24, 2018

Earlier this month at CES 2018, home automation industry leader Sigma Designs announced the upcoming release of their new Z-Wave 700-Series chipset.

New & Improved Smart Technology

This long range, low power platform includes the necessary tools and software to get started with Z-Wave technology, or enhance your current network of Z-Wave smart devices.

The 700-Series marks the next step in home automation technology, extending the reach and capabilities outside the home and beyond. In the home, small form factor sensors can be placed behind walls, into windows, into and under furniture, and more. The possibilities are limitless with this new, more flexible group of sensors and modules.

As always, one of the major benefits of Z-Wave technology is its ability to be seamlessly integrated into existing Z-Wave automation solutions. If you are already a Z-Wave user, the 700-Series will bring your current network up to speed.

Features & Benefits:

  • Best low power radio performance for long battery and sensor lifespan
  • Range of over 300 feet
  • Low cost and easy to use developer kits with tools and reference code
  • High performance and energy efficient ARM platform with abundance of memory
  • Backwards compatibility for easy installation

Check back soon to learn more about the special promotion Sigma Designs is offering to new and current Z-Wave users to celebrate the release.

The Z-Wave 700-Series is scheduled to arrive later this year.

Read the full release from Sigma Designs here.

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