Non-Volatile FPGA Technology

GOWIN Semiconductor's LittleBee family is the first non-volatile FPGA with embedded SRAM in the industry. Currently, there are two series of LittleBee devices - the GW1N and the GW1NR.

The GW1N is an ideal for high performance bridging applications including MIPI CS12 to MIPI DSI, LVDS to mini LVDS, and other industry standards.

A member of the GW1N series, the GW1N1-CS30 is the tiniest available low-density, non-volatile FPGA package available on the market. Another noteworthy device in the series is the GW1N4-QN88, the industry's first SiP embedded with 64Mbit SDRAM.


LittleBee Features & Benefits:

  • Non-volatile
  • Lower power consumption
  • Small footprint
  • MIPI I3C & MIPI D-PHY standards supported
  • Embedded SDRAM/DDR (GW1NR series)
  • Multiple I/O standards
  • High performance DSP
  • Block SRAM with multiple modes
  • Built-in flash programming

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