GOWIN Semiconductor Releases the GW1NZ, an Ultra-Low Power "Mobile FPGA" Device

Nov 01, 2018

GOWIN, an industry leader in programmable logic devices, recently introduced its new family of FPGA devices, the GW1NZ - nicknamed the "mobile FPGA" family. These small size, low power, cost-effective devices are manufactured to be the most power efficient solution for mobile and wearable applications.


  • Ultra-low power consumption
  • Instant on
  • Extreme low cost
  • Non-volatile
  • High security
  • Various packages
  • Flexible useage

According to Scott Casper, Director of Sales, Americas, the GW1NZ enables "manufacturers to further stretch the power limits of their designs with a small size and cost-effective solution." He wants developers to view the GW1NZ mobile FPGA as the "first of its kind offering a cost comparable alternative to off the shelf MCU's or ASIC's but running faster and more efficient."*

A library of reference designs and IP cores are readily available to download for most of GOWIN's programmable solutions. Customers developing technology using GOWIN devices have easy access to these resources on GOWIN's website.

As GOWIN's national distributor in the United States, Edge can provide the complete line of field-programmable gate array products - including volatile SRAM based and non-volatile flash-based FPGAs - support software, reference designs, and devkits.

*Check out GOWIN's GW1NZ press release