Tianma P-Series TFT LCDs - Versatile Displays For Many Industries & Applications

Tianma P Series TFT LCDs

The latest series of TFT LCDs from Tianma, the P-Series, feature many different sizes, from 3.5" to 27", as well as a wide range of features and product specifications including pixel density, viewing angle, contrast ratio, color gamut, black level uniformity, and more.

Equipped with high brightness, wide viewing angles, and an impressive contrast ratio, the P-Series will certainly enhance the quality of your display application.

The Tianma 2022 Industrial Catalog highlights all the product features and specs in more detail.

Here's a sneak peak of what you will find in the catalog:

Tianma P Series Product Features Table 1

2022 Tianma Industrial Product Catalog

View the 2022 Tianma Industrial Product Catalog

The P Series of TFT LCDs are available in three grades:

  • Advanced - Designed for demanding applications that require more robust product specifications and performance requirements. They feature a high contrast rating, longer life LED, and special ruggedization that can withstand shock and vibration conditions.
  • Basic - Offers a very good performance to cost ratio and meets the standard specification and performance requirements of the market with brightness ratings and long-life LED backlights.
  • Entry - Features cost effective solutions for price sensitive markets and applications.

Watch the video below to see the Tianma P-Series showcased at Display Week:

The P Series modules are available with PCAP (Projected Capacitive) touch technology and are integrated in-house with optical bonding or air gap construction, and feature small MOQs with production available for at least 5 years and dedicated design rules that meet requirements from the market.

P-Series Part Numbers:

P0350QVF1ME00 3.5" TFT LCD
P0650VGF1MA00 6.5" TFT LCD
P0650VGF1MA10 6.5" TFT LCD (800 NITS)
P0700WVN1MB01 7.0" TFT LCD
P0800WVF1MA00 8.0" TFT LCD
P0840XGF1MB00 8.4" TFT LCD (600 NITS)
P0840XGF1MA00 8.4" TFT LCD (1000 NITS)
P1040XGF1MA00 10.4" TFT LCD
P1210XGF1MA00 12.1" TFT LCD
P1210XGF1MA01 12.1" TFT LCD (800 NITS)
P1210XGF1MB00 12.1" TFT LCD
P1330FHF1MA00 13.3" TFT LCD
P1330FHF1ME10 13.3" TFT LCD
P2130QSF2MA00 21.3" TFT LCD

Edge has announced our new P-Series Sample Inventory Program that provides display customers with the opporunity to test out one of these high quality and versatile displays in their industrial or medical applications. You can learn more about this program and place your sample orders here.

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