Faster Delivery on Intel, Lattice, and Xilinx Cross-References Available at Edge

Mar 30, 2022

Global chip shortages continue to affect the electronics industry, and they are not expected to recover until at least 2023. The long lead times from manufacturers such as Lattice, Intel and Xilinx are prompting customers to consider other options.

Edge has been able to support customers facing this issue relatively quickly by offering alternatives from GOWIN.

If you are having trouble getting deliveries from Lattice, Intel (Altera), Xilinx or any other chip manufacturers, please reach out to us and we can offer you a competitive quote that will hopefully ease your delivery issues.

GOWIN has FPGA products available that offer alternative options for those looking for replacements.

The following part numbers from Lattice, Intel (Altera), and Xilinx can be replaced with a GOWIN alternative:


Series: Package Type:
XO2 csBGA132
XO2 ftBGA256
XO3 caBGA256
XO3 caBGA324
XO2 caBGA332
XO3 caBGA400
XO3 caBGA484
ECP3 ftBGA256

Intel (Altera):

Series: Package Type:
MAX 10 UBGA169
Cyclone IV FBGA256


Series: Package Type:
Spartan 6 CPG196
Spartan 6 FTG256
Spartan 6 CSG324

The following GOWIN devices may be compatible with similar devices from Lattice, Intel (Altera), and Xilinx:

  • LittleBee - GW1N-2, GW1N-4, GW1N-9
  • Arora - GW2A-18, GW2AN-18X, GW2A-55

Send us the part number of the product you would like to cross-reference, and we would be happy to help you.

Speaking of shortages, we at Edge pride ourselves on partnering with customers to solve this key issue. As a smaller distributor offering very personalized service, we can be creative to mitigate shortages across many product lines. Let's talk about your inventory challenges and come up with a plan to help your lines keep running.

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