The 9200 NVMe Series: The Latest and Greatest in Solid State Drives from Micron

Jan 03, 2018

Today, revolutionary storage solutions are in high demand. More complex workloads require lots of data, but in smaller or the same size spaces. Memory manufactures are faced with the challenge of providing customers with larger amounts of fast and efficient storage solutions, with no extra space.

Micron 9200 SSD

Micron PCIe 9200 NVME SSD

Micron's newest claim to fame, the powerful 9200 series of NVMe solid state drives (SSDs), is redefining high volume storage. NVMe technology is ideal for enterprise and data centers, as well as cloud-based storage and demanding analytic applications.

These SSDs were designed to offer the most speed and efficiency (using NVMe technology), while remaining cost efficient. The 9200 models are a working combination of NVMe technology and 3D NAND storage - bringing you a reliable, high-density memory solution capable of faster data analysis


  • Fastest SSD interface for quicker applications
  • Capacities from 1.6TB up to 11TB
  • Data path and power-loss protection
  • Read operations up to 800K

Download the Micron 9200 Product Brief

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