Z-Wave Development Kits

As an authorized Z-Wave distributor we are here to help you start designing Z-Wave components into your end product. The first step is to buy a Development Kit. Devkits come with everything you need including hardware and software.


For First Time Developers

To get started, first time smart home automation developers will need to order a Base Kit (embedded design or gateway/controller design) and sign the following agreements.

  • Z-Wave Development Kit Agreement
  • Z-Wave Mutual Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA)

Please contact us to review and sign these agreements.

With these, you will gain access to Z-Wave support and technical documentation as well as various other resources. Remember, all licensees of the Z-Wave development kit are entitled to free online support and are eligible to attend any of the free Z-Wave technical training events held around the globe.

What's Included?

  • Sample embedded and PC applications for quick application prototyping
  • Z-Wave protocol sniffer tools for analyzing and resolving issues
  • RF Z-Wave modules for building prototypes
  • Development boards
  • Sample code
  • Software stacks
  • Tools
  • Complete technical documentation
  • Z-Wave SDKs

Key Features

  • Access to download center for complete Z-Wave protocol stack and API function descriptions
  • Fully RF-qualified Z-Wave modules for building into prototypes
  • Binary serial API files ready for production in two chip solutions
  • Versatile development module for easy hardware prototyping
  • Sample code libraries included for fast application prototyping
  • PC interface software for easy communication between PC and Z-Wave modules
  • Real-time Z-Wave Zniffer included for frame flow
  • Developer-friendly technical instructions, user guides, application notes, etc.

Information provided by Sigma Designs.

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